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Are you looking for Puncture Repair Service in Milton Keynes?

A sudden tyre blowout is not just an inconvenience – it can put you and others in danger!

This means, in such a case, you need help fast! With RB Tyres Ltd., you can be assured of emergency car puncture repair services Milton Keynes 24/7.

Our experts have many years of experience in providing fast and accurate puncture repair Milton Keynes.

A damaged tyre does not always have to be replaced. Quite often, the expense of a tyre replacement can be spared.

We are following the BS AU 159 guidelines:

  • There must not be any external or internal bulges on the tread or sidewalls.
  • The puncture diameter should be less than 6mm.
  • Any visible damage on the tyre beads is not safe for repairs.
  • The tyre must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm.
  • If fluid leakage is the reason for tyre puncture, we cannot repair it.
  • Any significant damage on the tyre carcass, treads, or sidewalls is not repairable.
  • A puncture previously repaired using a DIY kit is not safe for repairs.

Please note: Repairs of Run-flat tyres are often not considered to be safe as once driven on without tyre pressure, they can change their entire structure.

If the damaged tyre meets the necessary requirements, we will proceed with puncture repair. Otherwise, we suggest a tyre replacement service. You can avail our mobile tyre fitting in such cases and get a same-day tyre replacement at your preferred location.

Our Puncture Repair Methods

Based on the condition of a punctured tyre, we adopt any of the following methods to repair it:


This procedure is effective for minor damages. Under this method, we insert a plug into the tyre and seal the puncture. The latex in this plug helps in sealing.


As the name suggests, in this method, we use a rubber patch to repair the puncture. We apply strong adhesive on the back of the patch and then stick it on the damaged area.

Plugging & Patching

It combines both procedures. Therefore, we insert a latex-made plug and also apply a rubber patch to ensure optimal safety.

Car Puncture Repair Services Milton Keynes

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Why Choose Us?

We offer emergency call-out services. So, you can call us for mobile car puncture repair services Milton Keynes whenever you need help.

We are available seven days a week.

All our experts are adept at using advanced tools and equipment to maintain 100% accuracy.

We follow the industry standard guidelines to ensure your safety.

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