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Are you looking for car battery replacement in Milton Keynes?

A faulty car battery causes ignition issues and may interrupt the functioning of your vehicle’s electrical components. If you want to avoid any issues like the vehicle not starting, the lights not fully working etc., you should opt for routine battery inspections every 3-4 years.

RB Tyres Ltd. is a well-known name in Milton Keynes and nearby areas, offering efficient battery services at an affordable price bracket. All our mechanics are highly experienced in offering best-in-class car battery replacement Milton Keynes using the industry’s best products.

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If you notice any of the following signs while driving a car, it is time to opt for a professional brake inspection:

Low Battery Fluid

Dying batteries cause battery fluid to dry up quickly due to overheating issues.

“Swollen” Battery Case

Battery cases can bloat up due to overheating and a faulty battery feature overheating tendency. So, if you notice a bloated battery case, call us for an inspection immediately.

Flickering Or Dim Lights

Car batteries supply power to the electrical components, including all lights. So, dim or flickering lights as well as other issues with electrical components are clear indicators.

Sulphurous Smell

Underlying leakages in the battery terminals may release a strong sulphurous smell. Thus, if your car cabin smells like rotten eggs, contact straight away.

Slow Crank While Starting the Engine

A dying battery may hamper the charging system, causing a slow-engine crank.

Vehicle Does Not Start

Another tell-tale sign of a degraded battery is if the car is not starting and needs frequent jump starts. To avoid a sudden breakdown, call us on time for a battery check. We will first inspect all battery system components and if necessary, change the battery.

You can also avail of our emergency call-out service for instant battery inspection/change.

Car Battery Replacement Milton Keynes

Before concluding your” car battery services near me” searches with us, take a look at our service method!

We inspect the following battery components and replace the faulty ones with OE-grade spares:

  • Charging Point
  • Cables
  • Terminal
  • Battery Case

We stock the best car batteries Milton Keynes to ensure optimum car performance for an extended period.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at 01908 991053.

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